Hi Jenna! Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day too! I did have a good but very busy one and it didn’t stop since then, sorry for the delay in my reply! I hope you and Elizabeth are doing well. No problem, I’ll do that anytime. Eric and Annie: We couldn’t wait to have our home refreshed and painted in new bright and fresh colors, something that was going to bring much light to our rooms. This is exactly what happened after we contacted the paintersdaughter. Jenna and Elizabeth responded right away. We met them the following day. They gave us an estimate of the work, they have very competitive prices. We then agreed on the schedule. Next thing they were here, helping us pick our colors, and transforming our home by their skillful, professional touch and by their gentle presence. In two days and a half, the whole job was done. Since then, every morning we wake up to our home with a smile… We are so much enjoying our new place, THANK YOU Elizabeth and Jenna for your work! Keep well and all the best!